Old English /bryːd/  - "Bride, betrothed or newly married..."


I'm Jody, a Hair and Make Up Artist based in the heart of Cheshire, UK.

I've been working with Brides for almost a decade helping them to relax, enjoy and prepare with confidence for their Perfect Day.

I started, not only to create and offer beautiful accessories, but to act as a warm and friendly base for you to find inspiration... that special little something... to help adorn and complete your look.

Our aim is to create subtle, beautiful accessories for the biggest day of your life. To do this we source unique materials, inspired by the seasons and environment, and shape them into simple, elegant, miniature works of art to complement your style.

With our product tips; Edits blog and, of course, by contacting us directly, you can find guidance and support (if you feel you need it) to choose and use our beautiful hand-made bridal bows, hairpins and specially curated sets; each and every one crafted with love and carefully-selected materials.

Oh, and please feel free to send us a personal request for a truly unique individual commission.


Thanks for visiting!

With love and best wishes for The Big Day,


Jody x